Time is everything.
Time is nature’s most essential commodity
Time is the gauge by which we measure age
It is by it we calculate and number our days
And measure how close we are to the grave.

Time is life.
Time is money.
Time is one irreversible thing;
A currency that once spent cannot be retrieved.
A treasure given to all in equal measure
Except for when a life is cut short.

Time is like a blowing wind.
Time can’t be tamed.
Time is never tiring, never pausing
It goes on even when the clock stops.
Time counts when nothing else count
Time will live after we’re all dead and gone.

Against time, we can’t compete.
No heavy weight can suppress it.
No factory can create or reset it.
We only experience and live through it.

But hey, I found some luck for me!
A black mirrored box with a twist.
With it I can steal a moment and retain it
I can relive a moment I want relived
Through the power of just a click.

Now you see what a gift my camera is!
And why moments can not again escape me
If at least I get to make that click!

Written by:
Ebenezer O. Akinrinade
[Poet & Photographer]

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[Photo Credit: Ebenezer Akinrinade]

No need to see my face.

No need to know my name.

I am just a child,

An ordinary child.

I stand for the street children

Whose voices you refuse to hear.

I stand for the abused,

The faceless and nameless,

The helpless and penniless

Who deserves extraordinary life

But are denied of ordinary life.

I am just a child,

An ordinary Nigerian child.

And I deserve to live a better life.

Picture & Poem by:

Ebenezer O. Akinrinade

[Photographer |Poet |Writer |Social Worker]


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© 2017

FREEDOM TO COVER:  Photos and Facts About Hijab

In solidarity with many of my Muslims friends and in commemoration of the World Hijab Day which held this week, I decided to share from my archieve, a few pictures of children, girls and adult women whom I have had to photograph at different time some few years back. And in addition, I collated six facts in a minor research on the significance of the Hijab for the purpose of educating non-Muslims like me.

Photo by: Ebenezer Akinrinade — EAphotoMedia

=> Six (6) Facts About Hijab <=

Hijab is an Arabic word meaning to cover,  to veil, to screen or partition.

The term Hijab encompasses more than a scarf…it also denotes modest dressing and behaviour.

Photo by: Ebenezer Akinrinade — EAphotoMedia

3) A woman who wears hijab is called Muhaajaba.

Wearing of the hijab is not obligatory in front of the father, brothers, grandfathers, uncles or young children.

Photo by: Ebenezer Akinrinade — EAphotoMedia

The word ‘khimaar‘ is a type of cloth/veil used by Muslim women to cover the head while men’s turbans are sometimes called ‘khumur.’

Photo by: Ebenezer Akinrinade — EAphotoMedia

6) The Arabic word ‘Awrah‘ refers to the parts of the body which must be covered with clothing.

Photo by: Ebenezer Akinrinade — EAphotoMedia

Photo by: Ebenezer Akinrinade — EAphotoMedia

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